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104.3 WOMC - Press photo 0010womcad-Copy.jpgSo, awhile back while visiting the in-laws, I went to a small thrift store with my

FAVEST EVER mother-in-law and came across a stunningly GORGEOUS

coffee table, just sitting there waiting for me to find it. The details, the design,

the overall look - classic but striking lines - were AMAZING.


We took this amazing piece home to show off to our significant others and before

I could even boast my find to Mark, he bionically saw the table and nearly

ran me over to get to it. Lol. It was already almost perfect, but we fully restored

it to her virtually original condition and offered her for sale.



Well, that's how Emily Henderson found us - or the table, actually. She was designing 

a makeover for a VIP and this table was a "PERFECT FIT", she explained.




We packaged and shipped off this gorgeous marvel of mid century greatness and

after a short while later, we "saw" the results of this makeover design. It received a

write up in the L.A. Times and it was featured prominently by both designer and client.


Naturally, Emily's design is BRILLIANT. Her makeover was for BRI EMERY, Blogger-Goddess

of the uber-FABULOUS blog of design eye candy, DESIGNLOVEFEST - and as you can see 

in the after pics below, the result was absolutely flawless.



We were ECSTATIC to see our lovely coffee table in the center of all this design 

masterpiece and couldn't be more flattered that we were sourced on Bri's Blog 

for this contribution to her FAB-ulous living space.


Thanks, Emily and Bri, for allowing The Vintedge Co. to help fulfill your mid century

design needs and desires.


Cori / Mark

The Vintedge Co.