The Vintedger | The Last Bounty

So, this is the last bounty of our 2014 garden. Everything was withering and/or was dying off, so I decided to start pulling them; in that process, I discovered these veggies. They're late
blooming, obviously, but very welcomed for our palate. Even though we are garden novices and this was very small, it was a pretty bountiful garden. The garden we tried last year was
about 20 x 40 and that was a nightmare; what the heck were we thinking, trying to build much less maintain that size of a garden?! It was huge, overbearing, near impossible to maintain,
{weeding, etc.}; it was tough! Then, after all the sacrifice and it was actually beginning to prosper, our neighbor decided to get the largest bird feeder ever, which basically turned our garden into a smorgasbord buffet for every bird visiting, living in or flying over the state of was quite disheartening. But this year, we made it a much smaller garden, and it was plentiful, as you can see.
We also grew herbs in the garden, which I have just learned how to store. We have Thyme, Cilantro, Basil, Sage and Rosemary. All {except Cilantro} can be preserved cube trays and olive oil. I use scissors to prune the herbs, and scissors to mince them into the cube trays, then covered them {completely submerged} with olive oil; then, I freeze them...and then, I remove those frozen "cubes" and place them in to a labeled and dated freezer bag for future use. It's been a great resource as it remains very fresh and ready for use without costing more money for fresh-cut-gotta-use-it-real-soon herbs. And....they're purty!!! LOL.
There are many uses for ice cubes trays that I just recently discovered. Learn more about that here. NEXT UP - the changing colors of fall - from leaves changing colors to fall and holiday decorations. I'm very excited to share new ideas, adventures and pics with my fellow Vintedgers!!