About Us

The Vintedge Co. was founded in 1995 and is family owned & operated in the Motor City, Detroit, Michigan.

I'm Colleen and with my husband Mark, we're an unstoppable team who love everything vintage; we are avid collectors, hunters and true lovers of treasures of the past.

We opened our first store in the early 90's, during the beginning of the "grunge" era of vintage. In the latter years, at the post-dawn of the internet, we switched over to sell online, reaching scores of additional clients nationwide and worldwide and have been doing so successfully ever since. 

We are the online originators and best-sellers of the restored and refurbished mid century stereo consoles. We have the best selection of mid-century, fully-restored, refurbished and refinished stereo consoles from the 50, 60s and 70's.

We also repurpose unsalvageable console stereos; those that have been abused or robbed of their internal machinations, as well as rebuild old stereo consoles cabinets to function as stereos and record players, as they were originally intended.

From the functionality and craftsmanship to the quality and perseverance, vintage, antique and mid-century-made gems are second to none.

We can provide the pieces to incorporate vintage flair into your vintage or modern setting; if done correctly, an eclectic mix can certainly compliment the originality and perfected yet unique nature of a vintage lifestyle. 

We are The Vintedge Co. and we very much look forward to serving your vintage, retro and modern desires.