Introducing ... the Vintedge WorkBench™ Blog

Introducing ... the Vintedge WorkBench™ Blog

Welcome to our newest premiere blog post, the Vintedge WorkBench™


We've been thinking about doing this blog for some time, and here we are.
Let's begin with an introduction of our awesome crew!!!
There's Mark, the head honcho and master restorer of all things VintedgeCo.
Cori, our newest 2nd in charge of day-to-day operations.
Justin, our very valued and very trusted intern.
Josh, our youngest, most enthusiastic intern and master restorer of portables.
And, finally ... there's Colleen. She's the real boss.


In this blog, we'll introduce you to our process of finding, selecting and before and after pics of restoring these consoles and record players ... the thrill and adventures, the mishaps, the challenges, and also the reality that, despite our most valiant efforts, not all consoles we find can be saved or rescued. But, we will do our very best to save as many as we can and re-distribute them to the masses.


Stereo console restoration, preservation and rebuilding is our mission and our passion.


The Admiral Stereo Console Record Player shown below is just one example of a unit that we've rescued that was dumpster bound the next day. Today, it's almost back.


 Ok, let's explain this blog for intents and purposes. The Vintedge WorkBench™ blog will cover an array of topics; most of it from our experiences, so the information provided are just that ... our own opinions and suggestions; they've derived from our own journey. No explicit knowledge nor guarantee is being offered for any situation.


First, we'll explore the renewed interest in stereo consoles/record players as the masterful electronics and mid century furniture marvels they have always been; from the mechanical, electrical and woodworking restoration of these salvaged units, to the rebuilding of stereo consoles and record players that have been pilfered, abused and/or abandoned. We'll show these units, sometimes in the condition in which we acquired them, to show the extensive process it takes just to refinish and restore these amazing gems.


Second ... we'll also delve into the overwhelming requests we've received for inquiries into repairs from buyers who've purchased nonrestored consoles and record players. Requests became so overwhelming that we were booked for months in advance for service and repair of units that were not purchased from us nor restored prior to use. We no longer offer servicing of out-sourced non-restored units; we're committed instead to rescue, restore and rebuild to distribute working stereo consoles and record players.


  There are many things to consider if one decides to purchase or revive a non-restored stereo console or record player. Without restoration, servicing or updating these units prior to use means that, from the nearly inoperable ones to some that may work for some time, something as simple as turning it on and letting it play may very likely cause extensive, expensive and irreparable damage - it will undoubtedly fail. We've heard "but it worked when I bought it" or it started getting static" to "it began smoking" ... those are just three symptoms {and there are many more} which suggests that non-restored units should be properly restored before usage or even powering on. Now, if you do purchase or already own non-restored vintage unit, you may need to invest $$$ in parts AND labor to make it properly operable. Qualified service techs may be very scarce to find, and expensive, repair and restoration parts may also be scarce and expensive, etc.; best to seek a service repair tech or estimate before purchasing. We've also unfortunately seen many people spend unnecessarily for parts and/or overpay for broken, inoperable units in hopes of fixing it themselves; they end up wasting money and time, unable to use their unit in the interim, blindly investing $$$ into units that may still require a sizable, professional overhaul. 

Best bet ... get your unit repaired before use so you can operate it properly and safely ... or purchase stereo consoles and record players that have been properly restored, by professionals. It's an investment. A wise one.

Lastly, this blog will be updated several times a week ... from the newest finds and/or the next unit in queue for sale, to the next on the bench for repair/servicing, etc. Whether it's a rebuild or restore, a hit or a miss, adventures in acquisition or even to purchase a salvaged stereo cabinet, we'll be here to update and keep you in the know.

Visit us daily to seek a unit that speaks to you, that fits your personality, your style, your life.

The Vintedge Co ... Vintage and Modern Audio ... Let It Play™

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I’m looking for a relatively small mid century stereo console unit. I love your work. Anything in the works that come close to what we are looking for?
Thank u,

John Macchia

I share the passion for vintage electronics. It starts with true craftsmanship that today rarely exists and ends with stereo units that last for years and sound incredible. I search all the time and on occasion find some great units and I share knowledge too on repair and service.

Matt Mollenkopf

Im a potential buyer over next 6 months. Love the work your doing.


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