Vintedge Arsenal™ - Recent Acquisition

Vintedge Arsenal™ - Recent Acquisition

The Vintedge Arsenal™ is our collection of stereo consoles, record players and turntables that were recently acquired and added to our vast collection for future restoration, preservation or rebuild.


Check out this stunning addition to our Vintedge Arsenal™ 


60s Mid Century GE AM/FM Record Player Stereo Console
This unit is barren and will be rebuilt and preserved as a tuner/stereo console using modern components and Bluetooth. Cabinet may also available for purchase prior to restoration; please inquire for details.
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I have a reel to reel for this console. It mounts right where the record storage goes. I also have the same GE console. I would part with these items.

Russ Peterson

P.S. U might want 2 check out the G.E. Stereo console with the reel to reel tape player on U might want 2 get that console yourself. But, Don’t tell no 1 I told U about the console O K.

Walter Claven

Hi. I would like 2 C the inside of the console and, I would like 2 know what’s the price when It’s finished?

Walter Claven

I’m interested price?


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