Vintedge WorkBench™ - Let's Discuss: Record Albums

Vintedge WorkBench™ - Let's Discuss: Record Albums

In honor of Record Store Day this Saturday, April 16, 2016, we'd like to discuss an integral part using vintage audio electronics - the record album.


There's no sound like that of a record being played ... the sound of the touch of the needle, hearing the needle spinning on the grooves and then, of course, when the music plays. Ahh, record albums...or lp's...or vinyl or whatever you want to call them; playing records can be an amazing, thoroughly relaxing and audibly soothing experience. With the resurgence of vinyl audio, do you ever wonder which one plays better? Is it the vintage, pre-1990 record albums or the more modern pressed versions?


Vintage audio has evolved tremendously over the past 100 years.


We have many authentic vintage albums that we've used to play music in our videos; we've also used some modern artists albums, such as Adele and Soundgarden. We have yet to bring out the cassette tapes, but that is coming in the near future and another blog post.

Granted, some of the older records have not been re-released. With some recent artists only releasing their new music to vinyl and even re-releasing to cassette tape instead of streaming online, there's good reason to choose your music medium wisely; so, is there a significant difference between the older or newer record albums?


Well, there are many factors at play if you wish to experience superior sound and quality from vinyl records. Two very important factors, undoubtedly, are the condition of the record, and the needle and cartridge used to play that record. There is a difference. While most vintage records can be played with modern needles/cartridges, some modern records will not play with vintage needles/cartridges. The needles may hop, skip and jump all over the record. Damaged or dirty records will also affect or disrupt sound and continuous play. As for the older records, such as the 16's and 78's, most times they require a special cartridge and needle used in most multi-speed record changers. 


What's our preference? "Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby....". We're biased to all things vintage, so we prefer vintage records as they are by far the best performing for us. The modern records are really well made, and with some re-releases, we're also candy-store shopping for hard-to-find and long sought after music.


Whether it's 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm or even 78 rpm records you seek, there's loads of fun and thrill in amassing an extensive and impressive record collection for your vintage or modern turntable, record player and/or stereo console desires; and as we say at The Vintedge Co ...let it PLAY.


The Vintedge Co ... Vintage and Modern Audio ... Let It Play™

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The sound of vinyl…warm, rich and soothing. Thanks for letting us know that tomorrow is Record Store Day. Also I appreciate that what you do—I am especially partial to the lovingly restored stereo consoles—is a mission not just a job!

Connie Majka

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